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Project Areas

A Project area A:
Rydberg Quantum Optics
B Project area B:
Rydberg Aggregates
C Project area C:
Rydberg Interfaces
D Project area D:
Rydberg Many Body Physics

Active Projects

Project name Principal investigator Funding period
A Large Bandwidth Room Temperature Single Photon Source Löw, Robert
Alaeian, Hadiseh
Firstenberg, Ofer
since 2019
A photon-photon quantum gate based on Rydberg interactions in a cavity Duerr, Stephan since 2019
Charged and neutral long-range Rydberg molecules: Internal structure and wave packet dynamics Hecker Denschlag, Johannes since 2016
Coherent Spin Dynamics in 2D Arrays of Rydberg Atoms Birkl, Gerhard since 2016
Creating a gas of ultracold ion pairs out of long-range Rydberg molecules Deiglmayr, Johannes since 2019
Dynamical processes in ultralong-range Rydberg molecules Schmelcher, Peter since 2016
Dynamics of interacting Rydberg excitons in inhomogeneous structures Scheel, Stefan since 2016
Interacting Stationary Rydberg Polaritons in Two Dimensions Pohl, Thomas
Weidemueller, Matthias
since 2016
Long-range Rydberg interactions mediated by a microwave cavity at finite temperature Fortagh, Joszef since 2016
Non-equilibrium phenomena in Rydberg lattice gases with facilitation constraints. Gross, Christian
Lesanovsky, Igor
since 2019
Non-equilibrium universality in driven Rydberg gases Diehl, Sebastian
Whitlock, Shannon
since 2019
Open system quantum simulation with Rydberg atoms Weimer, Hendrik since 2016
Photons interacting with Rydberg super atoms Buechler, Hans Peter
Hofferberth, Sebastian
since 2019
Polaron formation in Rydberg systems and Rydberg excitations as a probe of correlated quantum matter Schmidt, Richard since 2019
Quantum control of dissipative multi-partite entanglement generation in Rydberg atoms Koch, Christiane since 2019
Realizing Rydberg induced long-range interactions in itinerant lattice systems Bloch, Immanuel since 2016
Rydberg and ion impurities in ultracold quantum matter Pfau, Tilman
Meinert, Florian
since 2016
Rydberg atoms inside hollow-core photonic crystal fibres Joly, Nicolas
Loew, Robert
Russell, Philip
since 2016
Rydberg Exciton Interaction Dynamics Assmann, Marc since 2016
Spinor Rydberg Polaritons Fleischhauer, Michael since 2016
Towards controlled interaction of Rydberg excitons in integrated and scalable solid state devices Giessen, Harald since 2016
Trapped Rydberg ions exposed to fast electric field ramps Schmidt-Kaler, Ferdinand since 2016
Ultracold heavy Rydberg systems and Rydberg molecules under a reaction microscope Ott, Herwig since 2016

Completed Projects

Project name Principal investigator Funding period
From few to many strongly interacting Rydberg polaritons Hofferberth, Sebastian 2016 - 2019
Interacting Rydberg atoms interfaced: Coherence and entanglement Eisfeld, Alexander
Rost, Jan Michael
2016 - 2019
Optimal preparation of many-body Rydberg states Calarco, Tommaso 2016 - 2019
Ordered states of Rydberg-dressed ultracold quantum gases in optical lattices Hofstetter, Walter 2016 - 2019
Quantum structures in Rydberg systems Morigi, Giovanna 2016 - 2019
Rydberg polariton dynamics in quasi one dimensional geometries Windpassinger, Patrick 2016 - 2019